ralph  Viggiano

This web site is dedicated


Grandmaster Johnny Kuhl

I began my lifelong study in martial arts

under master Kuhl’s tutelage.

I owe my knowledge and success

to Johnny Kuhl’s teachings and 30 years of  friendship.

Ten years before his demise,Grand Master Kuhl directed

that his lifelong work,“Combat Karate”, be passed on to me.

As inheritor of the style,

I am faithfully executing his wishes.

                                                                    Ralph Viggiano, Hanshi

The WHFSC is proud to present

a compendium of Martial Artist.

Soke Johnny Kuhl and Hanshi Ralph Viggiano

are amoung the martial artist featured.

Combat  Karate

Johnny Kuhl Combat Karate

New York City - December 2002

Joe Jennings,  Cathy Baron,  Mike Nickodem,

David Hraska,  Johnny Kuhl  &  Ralph Viggiano

Sandan Brad Root,  Ralph Viggiano &

Johnny Kuhl with Aaron Banks